About  Ruhaani  Dance

Dance... it’s a beautiful way to find and lose oneself, all at the same time. Anyone who indulges in any form of art can truly connect with the aforementioned quote; we render through our movements and expressions, the story we want to depict. 


Ruhaani Dance was initially formed as an outlet for a small group of us to express ourselves through dance. Some of us wanted to do this through choreography and others through their performances. As time has passed, our team has grown and we now have a database of dancers and choreographers who not only create magic on stage, but also give our audience the most memorable of experiences. Our dancers are of different nationalities having trained in a variety of styles ranging from Classical Indian to Hip Hop, to Jazz, to Street just to name a few. This is a key element that makes our performances more interesting to watch and simultaneously reinforces that music and dance are not limited by language or culture and can be appreciated by all.


Indian films, (‘Bollywood’), are known for their beautiful and lively dances, colourful costumes and larger-than-life sets. The music is catchy and can get anyone tapping their feet to the rhythm. Through the years, Indian music and dance have changed, incorporating into it various styles originating from different parts of the world making it easy to connect with. What sets us apart, is that we take on the lyrical aspect of Indian Dance and render the story, (lyrics of our songs), through our various dance styles perfectly blended together to create the most unique experience for our audience; one that will guarantee to have them eager to join us on stage.


We believe very much in delivering to our clients, performances that are customised to meet their requests. That being said, we prefer not to impose our thoughts until our client has given us a good idea of the kind of performance or experience they want. Based on this, we then suggest styles of dance, songs and advise a suitable number of performers to participate. A few clients we have previously performed for are: Hong Kong Jockey Club, HSBC, JP Morgan, Rotary HK, Rotary KGM and Revel Events. Ruhaani Dance was also invited to perform at the Da-Bangg Tour (HK), the largest Bollywood show to be held in Hong Kong with an audience size estimated at around 12,000 people; showcasing performances by renowned actors, choreographers and singers from the Indian film fraternity.


If asked what Ruhaani Dance represents, we represent unity through the expression of dance. We came together to share our passion... our passion for dance, for music and for creating a memorable experience... a Magical Dream and we would like to share our magical dream with you.



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