How Grateful Are We?

Thanksgiving, the time of the year where we give thanks and show gratitude for what we have been graced with. How many times throughout the year do we forget to be grateful or overlook the things that seem so small and insignificant? Among the countless things we miss showing gratitude for is the respect that we receive from others. As we progress through our life and work towards making ourselves and our business successful, we tend to forget that many people have helped contribute towards bringing where we are; be it our friends, family, supporters, clients, vendors. We could not have arrived where we are if these people had not played their part. As some of us go along we begin to take for granted or negate the contributions and respect that we receive. We begin to show a certain degree of arrogance towards those very people... a shameless display of our swollen ego. Where does this lead? The people who granted us the respect which we very rightfully were due, begin to see a different version of us; one that is no longer due the respect we were being given. So they begin to adjust their attitude towards us to one more suited and deserving to this new version of us. How do we see the effects of this? We will find that we will gradually start losing our supporters, clients and/or vendors. The universe then also shifts to give us what’s we are due now... less than what we derserved earlier. On this Thanksgiving Day, let’s make a conscious effort to genuinely appreciate the people who have shown us their love, support, commitment and respect... despite our fallen attitude. In gratitude, let’s take the initiative to bring ourselves back to that place where we are truly worthy to receive more. Happy Thanksgiving! ♥️ Respect life 🦃 ~♥️~ Instagram: Blog: Twitter: Website: Facebook Page: Shukhraana/?ref=bookmarks ~♥️~ ‪ 

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