How Much Should We Tolerate?

At first thought both quotes come being contradictory to each other; we’re being told that we should be tolerant but then we are being told that this is a virtue of one who is without convictions. So why are they posted in one post? We have to understand that in order for us to be happy, it is important to let go of what is not in our control... other people! One of the best ways to maintain a peaceful environment is through acceptance, accepting other people as they are. This reduces a significant amount of stress and pressure we put on ourselves by going against the flow and “trying” to change or ‘better’ people in our lives. People change when THEY discover that they have to... until then, forget about it. So why put ourselves through that pressure?! It would be easier to adjust our expectation (something that we DO have control over), so we aren’t repeatedly disappointed. We would not want everyone we know imposing their beliefs, experiences, knowledge or understanding on us... so it’s not right that we dump ours on anyone else. This not only reduces our stress but in fact increases the harmony in our relationships which would make all of us so much happier. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Where does this conviction come in though? It’s great to exercise tolerance until we are not compromising our self respect. The moment we find ourselves being treated with disrespect (due to being tolerant), we must stand up to make a choice, to address the issue by taking some action or to take ourselves out of such a situation. It is so easy to cover up being disrespected in the name of tolerance. This is highly damaging for us and the blame for this cannot be shifted onto anyone else... it is solely on our shoulders. We determine where the line is drawn and when to reprimand disrespectful behaviour. The key is to be honest with ourselves when analysing situations... should we / can we be exercising mor tolerance to maintain peace within ourselves or is my tolerance towards a situation being abused, disrespected or taken for granted? ~♥️~ Instagram: Blog: Twitter: Website: Facebook Page: Shukhraana/?ref=bookmarks ~♥️~

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