The Power of Company

Growing up we were always cautioned to choose our friends wisely. Does this really make a difference?

If we were to always be around people with a pessimistic take towards life we would eventually find it challenging to hold our positive attitude or find it extremely draining to try to help the others to take on a positive approach.

On the flip side, think about when you were in the company of positive, inspirational people, how did you feel then? Did you leave thinking that you could conquer the world? Why does this happen?

We always take on the qualities of those we spend the majority of our time with so it is vital for us to find the kind of company that will nourish and grow us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Choosing our company merely based on materialistic benefits will eventually deplete us. If we are lucky we pick up the signs early on, however many of us don’t notice these patterns until an extended time has passed. These connections can be damaging for us in ways that may be subtle but effect us deeply.

Aim to surround ourselves with people who inspire and motive us to become better rather than to pull us down.




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