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The Indian - June 2017

A detailed timeline of a client's healing


"Ruhaani started working with me back in December, doing clearings for myself. She helped me gain confidence and find peace with my life, and has given constant guidance in all that I do. She is very responsive and thorough in her research. She is very easy to talk to, is there for hand holding when needed, does extra research when needed, is a great sounding board when you just need to clear your mind and gain focus. 


After the positive experience with myself, I asked her to do a clearing for my dad who is going through a rough phase health wise. I had only given her his name, no other information, and she could accurately tell me the state of mind he was in at that time! My mind was completely blown! She advised me to go visit him, which I did, and we did a couple more clearings for him while I was staying with my dad. I see a very big difference his mental attitude and his physical capabilities since then. 


I will continue to work with her for helping him feel better, and also for myself as and when needed. Am definitely going to spread the word about this amazing lady! 


Thank you! I think I found you at the right time!!"

Kay M.

"I was lethargic, felt there was an aim/goal in life but couldn't seem to find a way to reach it, and some what was weighed down and blocked. Until the day Ruhaani did an SRT clearing session with me.  I almost instantly felt a shift.  Career paths started showing clearly, my vision was more clear, positive things started coming my way and I felt my self worth increase too, which boosted my confidence drastically.  And I think that was the magic.  I stopped looking back at the things that went wrong and started concentrating on what is to come.  Things started unfolding for me.  Thank you so much Ruhaani. I feel the shift."

Shivani P.

"Ruhaani was very accurate in her comments and readings. The sessions were effective and informative. I came to learn the causes of my concerns and challenges and she always gives me guidance on how to address those situations and people in a new way.  


Soon after having sessions I started seeing things in my life change. People were reacting and behaving differently towards me and just like that, I felt like I was in a different world. Everything seemed different, new and better. Better people, better results, better opportunities; like everything has been especially working itself out just for for me. 


I felt much lighter and happier with myself and my life. I saw myself making new and better choices. Thanks to Ruhaani's advice, I have been able to reconnect with myself and trust my intuition and gut more. I find that I am more confident about the choices I am making now. 


Thank you for these wonderful changes you have brought about to my life."

Aarti S.

"I feel so good after Ruhaani's healing/clearing sessions. The sessions are effective and informative. Before the sessions I was worried about my career and life, and not confident enough in making change. I tend to hide my feelings and ignore my real needs. Ruhaani helped me find the right direction and see things in a positive way. Now I have become more optimistic about my future and react to the outside world in a new way, connecting with people smoothly and improving my interpersonal relationships. I would like to express my gratitude to Ruhaani."

Melodie L.

"Because Ruhaani has taught young children for many years, I was very comfortable to ask her to do SRT for my daughter. She was very stubborn and used to throw tantrums and become aggressive. After 3 sessions with her, I can see many changes in my daughter's behaviour now. She is much more calm now and can communicate with us better. So her aggressive fighting and hitting has stopped. I am very thankful to Ruhaani that she could help us because it was very difficult to handle my daughter when we are outside with other people and if there were especially many other children around. These changes happened in 2 months. Thank you for your help and advice. I will definitely continue your sessions so you can help us more. Thank you very much Ruhaani."

Geetu H.

"I was suffering severe losses in my business when I was referred to Ruhaani. At first I was skeptical about srt and was in fact sure I would be wasting my time. Nonetheless, I was all out of hope and ideas, so I went through with my session. In a matter of weeks I began seeing money flowing in not only from my business but through other avenues. I began having these great innovative ideas about how I could advance and upgrade my business and what more I could give my clients. Ruhaani was able to help me understand my money patterns and why my energy and thinking was causing my money flow to get blocked. My savings that were almost depleted, had started growing. Ruhaani is phenomenal! She was able to give me suggestions about changes I could make for things to move differently. I followed through and I have seen my money pattern change. My business is not only growing, I have started working on adding 3 new divisions. More opportunities and doorways have been opening up for me. Thank you Ruhaani for getting me out of the rut."

Andy R.

"My sister referred Ruhaani to me because I have been experiencing a lot of trouble with my work. Every time I work on something, it goes well for a short time and then falls apart or I lose the project. I started to feel like I am just not good enough. Ruhaani did clearings for me so I could see myself as worth more. There were things I needed to change about my environment and lifestyle that would help my situation change. I incorporated those changes and have been noticing how my energy and feeling has been changing. I have only had 1 session with Ruhaani and my colleagues and friends have already been telling me that something is different about me. I will surely continue having more clearings to see where this can bring me to."

Sahil D

"I was introduced to Ruhaani through my colleague. I went to her certain that this SRT stuff was just a hoax. I play numerous sports and have injured myself time and again and have many such lingering knots and pains that have remained from my injuries both big and small. I booked the 2 hour sessions as per her suggestion during which she did something called a full clearing and then we looked at my various pains. I was suffering from a bad knee, twisted ankle that kept getting stiff, tightness in my lower back from a pulled muscle and very tight shoulders. I was told by my colleague not to be judgmental and instead to be open about trying something new. I tried my best but frankly it's quite unbelievable that another human  can get rid any of these aches and pains (with a pendulum and some charts); something that my doctors have not been able to do! I was skeptical about how she could "connect energetically" to my soul, with a pendulum???


Cutting to the chase, we completed the session and I continued on with my day. It was only after 2 days when Ruhaani texted to follow up on my progress that I realised that in fact my one had not pinched me when I walk up th the stairs yesterday. My ankle was not stiff that morning when I got out of bed. My shoulders felt light, like a weight had been taken off them and my back, it was not sore!


I was warned that I might be left speechless to which I made a very smug remark and now I really have no explanation for how all of those sores disappeared. My knee pain had been bothering me for over 10 years, my doctor said that I should consider having a surgery to fix it and just like that, the pain vanished!


Ruhaani, I still don't understand what happened or how it happened but I am very curious to try srt on something else.


Ruhaani is professional in her communication and is respectful to maintain client-practitioner confidentiality. She is prompt to reply and comes across as a very approachable and compassionate person. She took the time to patiently try to explain the procedure to me and made sure to answer all my queries. 


I don't know how this worked but I am keen to understand it more.  I would definitely recommend Ruhaani to anyone suffering from any physical ailments. It would be fair for me to say that whatever srt did to me I am feeling relieved, lighter and much more comfortable than before my session.


I wish you all the best in your efforts Ruhaani."

Rogan H

"I met Ruhaani at a seminar a few months ago and was intrigued with the work she does. I decided to go to her because I felt like my life was on pause. Everything has been going great and I don't have any major problems but beyond that there has been no growth or advancement, I'm at a plateau. Curious to know if Ruhaani could help, I approached her for a session. I have one main line of work that I do (property), and another smaller business that stemmed from a hobby; both seem to be constant without any additional expansion. The day after my session I received 3 new offers for my side business and 2 new clients contacted me to invest in property.


The turnaround time and efficacy of spiritual response therapy is outstanding. Thank you Ruhaani for helping me break through that plateau."

Vedant S

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