Bollywood, the well known world of Indian films has long been synonymous for its fun-filled music, amazing dances, colourful costumes and grandiose film sets; we've come a long way from dancing around trees.


Urban Bollywood has gradually grown to become a style that is easily relatable to people all around the world. How is that so? Well, simply because Bollywood has been inspired by dance styles from all over the world! One could easily find elements of jazz, hip hop, funk, belly dance or locking among the countless others that are artistically melded into current day Bollywood. Music and dance have always been a big part of Bollywood films, however, its importance has grown far more over time to the extent that there have been films that have gained acclaim for their soundtrack yet the film failed at the box office.

Within India there are around 14 classical and folk styles; of course the Indian film fraternity still honours them by incorporating them (or their influence) in modern day songs. There are some awe inspiring choreographies like More Rang Do Lal that still gain immense popularity and win boundless compliments. 

So what is it that you will get at Bolly Naach HK? You will get to learn a variety of different styles of course! We have separated our classes into 3 basic categories: Bollywood Urban, Bollywood Classisms and Bollywood Bhangra. Bolly Urban would be your modern day Bollywood, the one we all love and can connect with. Bolly Urban is fun, peppy and stylish. Bolly Classic, on the other hand, is a more traditional or ethnic style but with a modern spin on it; (so no, it cannot be classified as an "Indian Classical Dance Form", what it could be called is Semi-Classical). This is a more intricate style with detailed hand gestures and tends to require facial expressions to emote the lyrics. The range In this varies from mellow and delicate to power packed and fast; with each comes its own challenges like either being able to move smoothly like the flowing water in a stream or to keep up with the pace and still be able to maintain the details of hand and footwork and your facial expressions. Bolly Bhangra is an Urban twist on a North Indian folk style. Traditional Bhangra is a fun, energetic and jumpy style that originates from Punjab. Take that and toss in some Bollywood masala and you have yourself a new style that people all over can enjoy. To mix things up and keep the classes interesting, we have introduced a class called Bolly Variations, these classes are not limited to just 1 style; so students attending these sessions will get to enjoy learning various style Bollywood choreographies.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that "Count Me In" button below and come and join the fun. Get your swag on and learn to dance like a Bollywood star!

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