About Varsha

About Varsha

Varsha started her dance journey at the age of 4 when she began learning Bharatanatyam (a South Indian Classical dance form) which she learned for 12 years. During those 12 yrs Varsha also trained in Kathak (a North Indian Classical dance form) for 3 years. During her academic years, Varsha participated in numerous performances, talent shows and contests. She also enjoyed taking on choreography projects for her friends' siblings' weddings, school and university shows as well as having performed at community social and cultural events. After her graduation, Varsha moved to New York for 7 years where she continued to pursue her passion for dance by holding a several classes a week for people in her neighbourhood (adults and children). Upon returning to HK, she began regular training and practice in Bollywood dance for 12 years; during this period, Varsha gradually became more proactive in doing performances and in 2015 established a dance group called Rendition (now known as Ruhaani Dance). A few months after the group was active, Varsha began running a few dance classes and has continued to choreograph and train.

A Message from Varsha

I see dance not just an activity, it is a part of my identity; it is something that has helped me get through many difficult and challenging times in life by giving me a means to escape or take a mental and emotional break or even been my motivation to heal physically from a very severe injury from a car crash; in a sense, it is a form of meditation for me as as it aligns me with something divine withinDance has the potential to give us happiness, the freedom to be anything we choose, it is way in which we can express ourselves as well as offload negative or draining energies, it makes us feel beautiful from the inside and out, gives us relaxation and most importantly tells us that growth, improvement and achievements are important in all areas of life, especially personal growth. It requires patience and persistence and allows us the opportunity to accept and embrace who we truly are in our own unique existence. Each body is unique, and so is the language it speaks; although the steps may be the same, the manner in which they are expressed is unique to every individual... this is what makes it so interesting, diverse and fresh.


I am happy and honoured to share my passion, knowledge and love of dance with anyone who has an interest to learn from me. I have years of experience not just as a teacher but as a student too; so I have the knowledge of how to effectively learn and can pass that on to my students as well.believe any kind of talent is a gift which makes it sacred in my eyes; it deserves to be respected and honoured by passing it on and sharing it with others. One thing that I have come to understand is to always be open to learning and growing; there is much that can be learned from peers and even those with lesser experience than ourselves. Don't set huge goals or deadlines, instead celebrate the little improvements that we make and feel proud as this is progress. A dancer is never created overnight, it requires time, patience, commitment and dedication; so enjoy the journey and don't pressure yourself... go at whatever pace your body can handle... but most importantly, have fun along the way.

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